A new chapter

Let's get personal, shall we?

When I asked my web designer to help me set up a blog, I knew then that I would have a hard time updating it. Don't get me wrong, I love connecting with people, but I am more of a face-to-face kind of person. So... I thought the least I could do was explain to my customers what has been happening in my life lately.

Almost seventeen months ago, the most amazing guy in the world asked me to marry him on a windy cliff overlook in Red River Gorge, Kentucky. We had a lot to do in those seventeen months... sell his house in Lexington, buy a new house, move my business, plan a wedding, and so on. Whoever said "patience is a virtue" knew exactly what they were talking about! My own patience has been tested many many times in the past year, but it has all been worth it. In July, we moved into our new home and the studio moved into a more generous space as well. Now Georgetown, Kentucky is our home. We are just 20 minutes north of Lexington, the Horse Capital of the World.

There is plenty of inspiration to be found in my new environment. The serene and peaceful country side is full of rolling green hills, hand-laid stone fences, wildflowers of all kinds and the most well kept farms I've ever seen! When we drive around, all I can think about is how pretty everything looks. The one strange thing about central Kentucky is the trees. I think I need to design a new print called Crooked Tree!

In just six days, we will be getting married outside at a winery in Lexington. We designed every last bit of our wedding. It was a huge collaborative project for us. I did bring part of my business into the planning. I screen printed our wedding invites, which was a lot of fun. That inspired me to try something new and print a few three sheets 2 the wind prints on paper! more about that later...

Cheers! Jenny