Evolving design

If you've ever noticed the irregularities in three sheets 2 the wind artwork, it's because I hand paint the image in the screen. I began doing it this way because I liked seeing the thick and thin line weight that was created by the brush. I can use an original hand painted screen for months before the material starts to break down. At that point I have the screen remade using the photo emulsion method which is way more durable for all the frequent washings my screens go through. I keep every irregularity and paint drip in the screen though when it changes over to a more permanent version.

Because I use a brush to create the original artwork, I can go back into the screen at any point and tweak things. Lately, I changed the background artwork for trees in spring. The original artwork was just a bit too big for the wall print size.

You can see how the new design is slightly smaller and less angled to the left.