Recycling sample prints

It happens when I am cleaning up the print table and I look down at the stack of first run prints and I find something really interesting. Who knew that blossom tree looked so cool when layered on top of trees in spring? Then, when I'm not looking, I print flower bed in black and 360 floral in white on top and voila! I've got something completely new.

These little linen treasures get pulled out the pile and hang on my wall for awhile. They inspire future projects and help me think outside the box. It reminds me of the time I went to go see Eames Demetrios speak at a DWR in Columbus a few years back. (grandson of Charles and Ray) He was telling the group how in the evening when everyone left the studio, they used to hang the chairs they were working on from the ceiling. Upside down - sideways - whatever they could think of to make for a new image or form to look at in the morning. Brilliant!

So, as I work on finding new ways to look at my work for the first time... I hope to inspire others with these miniature studies. I've picked each print personally from my collection and had them stitched onto organic cotton totes. Since each piece is considerably different, I've created two color options: a blue/green color story or an orange/green color story.

Off to the studio I go!