Abstract pattern in duvets & pillows

Due to such a busy year, i.e. having baby #2, I decided to keep it simple and introduced one new pattern in several colorways back in the winter.  The name of the pattern is Abstract. (below right) I wanted an all-over pattern that worked well with the original placed graphic screen prints as well as a new pattern to print on duvets. I've printed this pattern on silk before, but I only started printing it on linen and cotton last year.

This photo shows how I like to mix and match small scale geo patterns with my work. These two pillow cases are from West Elm. They look great with the Abstract printed duvet as well. I usually use a light weight quilt in the summer so I rotate a few printed pillow cases and a few linen pillows on the bed.

This photo shows the Abstract pattern printed in umber & slate gray on a cotton duvet.