True Up post and other fun news

Back on February 22nd, Kim Knight from True Up posted a few images of the new prints available in fabric form. There are three artwork styles available in six different color ways each. Thanks to my husband and his excellent structural skills, I have a 16ft. print table that allows me to print up to 4.5 yds continuously. I love love this table and the gratification of printing the entire fabric width myself, but I've run into a bit of a problem lately... I'm almost 20 weeks pregnant and my belly is starting to affect the length of my reach across the table! (aka "other fun news) Guess I'll have to teach my husband how to screen print. Ha ha.

Here is an entry from June 5th, 2010 which explains the process.


It took a bit of work and research to figure out how to print full coverage prints by myself. You might wonder why this is difficult. Well… it all has to do with the size of the screens (more or less a stencil) used for printing. Most full coverage prints are hand screened using two people. The length of the screen covers the width of the fabric (58″-60″) and a person stands on each side of the table, passing the squeegee and ink back and forth in one pass and the repeat only has match up on two sides. What I wanted to do was to be able to print full coverage prints by myself so I designed the patterns to fit in screens that only spanned half the table width. By doing this I could print a full repeat by alternating down each side of the table myself. The difficult part was designing patterns, for the screens, that had to match up on four sides, instead of two.