Where has the time gone?

Wow! It's been some time since I last posted but, there has been a lot happening in my life since then! My son was born in August of 2011 and every day since then has been a whirl wind. He's 20 months now and is funny and chatty (not 100% clear what's he's saying) and just discovered the word "no" to my dismay. I'm also expecting another little boy in August of this year so I find myself writing this post at 20+ weeks pregnant again! I can proudly tell you that I successfully printed fabric at 39 weeks (read previous post) pregnant last time so I won't have to enlist my husband's help. The trick is to get the belly under the table edge. It's look ridiculous, but it's technically possible.

So, even though my life is about to change once again, my studio business is my passion and creative joy. In the last few years I've also started working as a consultant and Creative Director at LPK in Cincinnati in the print & pattern group. I really appreciate the "balance" working outside my studio has given me. I love being able to make the product myself for my own business, but I also enjoy working on global brands with an extremely talented group of designers. My goal is to start posting more often so others can see how I balance it all. Oh, and I'm excited to say that my studio is finally getting finished to look a bit more presentable.

More news on that and product pics to come!