A new website for a new era


2014 is gone already! what? Did you notice my previous entry? So... it won't take you long to read through all my posts and see that I am not the most prolific of writers. Thank god I picked the right profession. (haha) Anyhow, last year was momentous for two reasons.

1. I celebrated my 40th birthday

2. The business celebrated it's 10th birthday

It was the sting of turning 30 that made my quit my job oh-so-long-ago and head south for a better, more simple life. Well, that turned out to be a good decision because I met a wonderful man, collected a handful of life-long friends and made some awesome connections in the design community. Cincinnati was my home for many years, but I've been in Kentucky for five years now and it's starting to feel like home. I've got two amazing little boys who continue to suck every last bit of energy I have but keep me smiling all the while. And I've recently committed myself to working at LPK as a Creative Director in the Print & Pattern Group. 

The print studio remains an important part of my life so I continue to put blood, sweat and tears into it every day. The new site is streamlined and sophisticated. I can't wait to populate with more beautiful imagery. Where's my camera?