NEW for fall 2008

Striving for better quality!
I am SO excited to announce that I have upgraded the linen quality here in the studio! I made the jump and switched to Irish Linen as of last month. The fabric weight is slightly heavier, but the hand feel is softer and the weave is finer and smoother. It’s amazing!

The transition over to the new quality will happen in two stages. I am currently using the new quality in every color except - marigold, twig and russet. These colors will be available until the end of the year and then I will be switching over to a new color palette for 2009.

Organic linen options are now available.
The studio is stocked with white and natural organic linen. Any styles ordered online in white or pebble linen can be switched over to an organic option. Please email me at and I will change your order to organic!

Bags are back
It’s the 4th year anniversary of three sheets 2 the wind this fall season and I wanted to celebrate by bringing back the linen bags. They make a great gift for the holidays.

One yard of fabric for the D.I.Y. types
Finally… an idea for those of you who like to do it yourself! I’ve added hand printed fabric in “one yard” pieces to the website so that you can use it for your own home projects. The 36” x 59” piece can be stretched and stapled to wood stretchers or a canvas frame bought at your local art store.

Deadline for a holiday order is December 1st
December 1st is the deadline for holiday orders. Any orders received by this date will be shipped the week of the 15th.

Happy Fall Everybody!